AB Helicopters offers a number of specialist services
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Charter Brokerage

AB Helicopters can provide brokerage services for your helicopter charter needs. With contacts across the industry, AB Helicopters can help find you a flight tailored to your specific requirements. AB Helicopters can help to provide bespoke, luxury arrangements for special occasions including champagne, cake and picnic hampers.‚Äč

Gift Experience

Experience the thrill of hovering and take control with an instructor. If you choose to continue your training, the flight experience counts towards your Private Pilot's Licence. The lesson starts with a ground briefing, where the fundamentals of the flight and controls will be explained. During the flight you will be given control and, towards the end, a chance to hover the aircraft. You will be given a certificate on completion of the flight, and we will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the flight or any further training.

Safety Pilot

Have your licence but want to try something more adventurous?

Have the comfort of an instructor alongside to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Please enquire for day rates.

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